(Re) claim your freedom now!

Female self-catheterization mirror

Bright is a compact self-standing mirror with an LED light, which helps you with self-catheterization. Inserting an intermittent catheter can be tricky. Bright Mirror strives to make self-catheterization as easy as possible; this female self-catheterization mirror provides you with a better view and free hands during the process. The light switches on automatically when it is placed on the toilet seat using a clamp. Due to its compact design and protective cover, you can discretely take it in your handbag whenever you leave the house.



Recognize this? You would like to go out. The thought alone makes you feel stressed and insecure. What if you need to self-catheterize? In your own bathroom you have excellent visibility and your self-catheter kit within reach. No extra worries about UTI’s. So what do you do? Hours before you leave the house you stop drinking. Just to make sure you don’t have to find an unhygienic, badly lit public toilet that makes it impossible for you to self-catheterize. This is standard practice in your life. It almost makes you want to stay at home…


Now picture this. You would like to go out. Without a second thought you finish your coffee. You quickly check whether your self-catheter kit and Bright Mirror are in your handbag. You know there will be a public toilet in the mall you’re going to and that is all you need to know. Why this is?

Bright Mirror makes female intermittent self-catheterization so much easier, because it:

o      Helps preventing UTI´s because of the clear view of the urethral opening;
o      Reduces the chance of UTI's because it is  easy to clean;
o      Does not become contaminated or damaged thanks to its cover;
o      Can be taken anywhere discretely since it fits in a handbag;
o      Is rechargeable so no fiddling with batteries;
o      Can be used anywhere as it is adjustable to any toilet seat; and
o      Allows for two free hands since it is self-standing.


(Re) claim your freedom now!

(Re) claim your freedom now!

Bright is a hands-free, female self-catheterization mirror with an LED light that makes self-cathing easy.

  • Fits on all toilet seats
  • Easy to carry with you discretely
  • Rechargeable



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“Sehr gut”

Lawitzke - DE

“I have a lot of trouble catheterizing myself, but this mirror helps me a lot! And he has already survived a fall in the toilet, so it’s waterproof! ;)”

Daphne - NL

“I'm very happy with it. It works well, is nice and small, therefore easy to take along and not so expensive as the other mirrors on the market.”

Pi59 - NL

“I've had the mirror for a while now and I love it. I can't live without anymore.”

Marleen - NL

“Wat fijn dat iemand hierover heeft nagedacht!!”

Marie - NL


1. Easy to use

Bright stands stable when clamped on toilet seat.

2. Light

The light turns on automatically when opening the mirror.

3. Splash-resistant

Splash-resistant & easy to clean.

4. Rechargeable

Easy to charge using the included USB-cable.