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1 Frequently asked questions
1.1 Where do the Bright Mirror users come from

Bright Mirror is currently being used in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, United States and Canada.

1.2 What are the shipping costs?

Depending on the country you would like to receive your Bright Mirror in, the shipping costs are: 6,50 – 12,50 euros per mirror. If you order more than one Bright Mirror at the time, shipping costs may deviate.

1.3 Does Bright Mirror fit all toilet seats?

Yes, Bright Mirror can be clamped on all types of toilet seats.

1.4 How do I charge Bright Mirror?

It can be easily charged with a USB cable. No fiddling with batteries.

1.5 How long does the LED light last?

The LED light that’s being used in Bright Mirror lasts an average of 9 hours.

1.6 How do I clean Bright Mirror?

Bright Mirror is a waterproof self-catheterization mirror that can be rinsed with water and soap.

1.7 What is the lifespan of Bright Mirror?

The life expectancy of Bright Mirror is x years.

1.8 Do I get a discount if I order multiple Bright Mirrors?

No, we don’t offer a discount if you order more than one Bright Mirror at the time. However, we do offer a 10 euro cashback if you leave a review before July 1, 2019*. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

*) We are sorry, but if you are living in the US or Canada you are unfortunately excluded from this cashback offer.

1.9 For whom is Bright Mirror suitable?

Bright is suitable for you when you are a self-catheterizing female. Whether you are starting out or experiencing problems with self-catheterization, Bright Mirror will make it easier for you. Our youngest user is 8 years old.

1.10 What are the dimensions of Bright Mirror?

Bright Mirror is a compact mirror that fits in a normal handbag. Its dimensions are: 124 mm length x 55 mm width x 42 mm depth.

1.11 In what colors is Bright Mirror available?

Bright Mirror is only available in blue.